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IndustryPlayer is a multi-player business simulation game. You take the role of an entrepreneur
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22 March 2009

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Anyone wishing to start a business must be prepared to face major difficulties and sweat it out in the heat of competition to gain a foothold in the market. Further, prior to making any fat investment, it is vital to perform apposite research into market and competition to test the viability of the business and its long term prospects. Deciding on the core business proposition is a tricky task too as any decision involves its own set of risks and potentials and it becomes important to tally the risks versus potentials before starting out. Numerous business schools and institutes that teach aspiring individuals the rules of the game; however a unique concept of learning the tricks of the trade is made available with IndustryPlayer 6.40 as per which the player can virtually set up a business empire.

IndustryPlayer opens with a vivid looking interface with the chief options placed at the bottom and the main screen offering a display of industry verticals and on the bottom right corner, specific strategies and elements are placed for user reference pertaining to a successful business plan. This unique game gives a premise of a business plan as per which the user takes the role of an entrepreneur building industrial companies in up to 16 real industry verticals. The level one provides a seed capital amount of 10 million dollars and the virtual consultants available facilitate intelligent decision making in terms of investments. Moreover, the user can have own accounting system and industry analysis tools and charts with varied statistics and ratios. This game can be a useful practice session for budding businessmen as it provides real time experience in market dynamics and other business related concepts.

To sum up, IndustryPlayer 6.40 comes across as an efficient tool which provides an outline for real time aspiring businessmen and hence gets a rating score of four points for its enhanced working and functionality.

Publisher's description

IndustryPlayer is the state of the art multiplayer business simulation game.
You take the role of an entrepreneur and build industrial companies in up to 16 real-life industry sectors. In level 1 you start with 10 million dollars of seed capital. Virtual consultants assist you in making investment decisions and in getting your business to run. Throughout 10 game levels your seed capital rises up to 100 million dollars and the challenge gets more and more demanding.
With IndustryPlayer you feel like a real CEO, running a virtual company. You can make use of a comprehensive accounting system, complex industry analysis tools and business charts with all kinds of ratios and statistics. The simulation engine uniquely combines fundamental micro- and macroeconomic models (price mechanism, general equilibrium model) with commonly used business concepts (product life cycle, economies of scale, economies of scope, corporate accounting, leverage effect). You will feel the real-time markets moving, experience the leverage effect and build up competitive advantages. Based on an interactive real-time competition technology, IndustryPlayer offers an experience-based learning environment for next generation executives. Enter a world of never ending competition and challenge your management skills!
Version 6.40
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Great fun and a good learning experience since competition was so tough.
Frank Berger
Fun and exciting to run your own corporation!
It is fun and exciting to run your own corporation and maximize your market share and wealth. You start with ten million dollars, and buy and run up to five companies.

As a CEO you have to manage raw materials, intermediate products, and finished goods. You learn to deal with takeovers, labor strikes, supply shortages, disasters, insurance, and credit ratings, or get beaten by your competition. Level 1 game play is easy, with complexity increasing as you move up in wealth and power.

Plenty of strategies to think about make this business simulation game a unique experience and one you will come back to again and again - very addictive and mega fun. The most intelligent online game i ever played!
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